What to expect

Here’s the deal:
Most people (as in husbands) dread photo shoots. Women tend to like
them more but it can still be a little stressful trying to round up the whole family and get them dressed!
 So our sessions as painless and quick as possible!
Its a very relaxed and easy going atmosphere and more times than not…
the men even have a good time!
Sessions typically last 1 hr -1 1/2 (most of the time its under an hour)
I like to start snapping pictures right away and just have a good time doing it!
What to wear:
 Anything bright and colorful is always good-
it really pops in pictures.
Or the Opposite of that, wear really soft and neutral colors.
that makes for a sweet picture.
Layer your outfits- thats good to do in fall & winter.
And most importantly, wear what makes you most comfortable!
It will show in your pictures.
And the next most important thing- just have fun and don’t over think it!