Ava Kate & Owen {NWA Family & Kid Photographer}

In honor of Ava Kate turning 1 this month; we had a little photo session with
her and big brother Owen!
Owen was so excited to
get his picture taken….even though it took a little bit of convincing him to smile at first!
But he came around soon after his mom and dad promised him a
new train as soon as they were done 🙂
He REALLY wanted that train so he was more than happy to get his picture taken!
Ava Kate was ALL smiles from the beginning! She loves that camera, and the camera loves her!
I can’t believe she is already turning 1; she is just the cutest and happiest little girl.
I’m so glad I had the chance to take these sweet pictures,
they are some of my favorite images 🙂
Hope you enjoy them!